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Compiling synergy on OpenSuse 11.1 x64 with gcc 4.3.2

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Here are some hints on how to make synergy work on OpenSuse 11.1.

1. Fix bugs in code that originate from using gcc version 4.3.2, this were all because of missing header files, like cstdlib, memory, string.h. These are no longer being auto added by other general headers and must be added manually.

2. Later on I had to disable compiler errors on warnings. Otherwise I would have to make more code fixes, these is probably also caused by newer version of gcc than the one used by synergy developers.

3. Step 2 – required changes in, which resulted in errors with autoconf and automake. I was missing aclocal-1.6 and automake-1.6, but I did have newer versions aclocal-1.10 and automake-1.10, so the simple solution was to symlink new binary file names to older file names.

after that synergyc compiled properly, and did properly connect to my synergy server located on windows box.


Written by Marcin

September 27, 2009 at 6:27 pm

Posted in Linux